Here you can listen to selected works by Riebe. More info on each composition is available on Soundcloud following the links below.



for symphonic orchestra


Duration: 10'

Composed in 2015



Drops of Stem Cells

for string orchestra

Duration: 7'

Composed in 2016/2017



Geopoliticus Child

for sinfonietta


Duration: 12'

Composed in 2013



Fantasia for Wind Orchestra

for symphonic wind orchestra

Duration: 4'

Composed in 2012


Dimensions II

for symphonic orchestra


Duration: 9'

Composed in 2011/2012



Time Reflections

for symphonic orchestra


Duration: 7'

Composed in 2015



Music with electronics:

Concave/Convex II: Anamorphosis

for piano and electronics

Duration: 9-14'

Composed in 2014/2015


Escaliers Mécaniques

for 5.1 surround

Duration: 12'

Composed in 2011




for piano and electronics

Duration: 7'

Composed in 2012



Chamber music and solo:

A Glimpse of Naraka

cl, pno, vln, vc

Duration: 3-6'

Composed in 2015


Encore à cet astre

for 2 sopranos, mezzo-s, vln and actor

Duration: 9'

Composed in 2015


Dali I-III

cl, bass cl, mandolin, guitar, vln, vla, vc

Duration: 7'

Composed in 2013


I: The Face of War

II: Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man

III: The Elephants



Searching Dance

for trumpet and percussion

Duration: 8'

Composed in 2011


Three Glimpses of Perplexity

for saxophone, accordeon, and double bass

Duration: 8'

Composed in 2012



for solo piano

Duration: 18'

Composed in 2011


I: Introductions

II: Decay

III: Osmosis

IV: Gravitation



for bass cl, perc, pno and double bass

Duration: 7-14'

Composed in 2015


Song of the Thames Daughters

for solo violin

Duration: 6-13'

Composed in 2014


String Quartet No. 1 – Paradoxes

Duration: 7'

Composed in 2011


I: Achilles and the Tortoise

II: Schroedinger's Cat


Isaac Newton

for 2 picc. trumpets, 5 trumpets in C and one flugelhorn

Duration: 6'

Composed in 2013


A Cat, a Warrior, and a Tortoise

for solo violin

Duration: 3'

Composed in 2011



for flute and piano

Duration: 5'

Composed in 2013


Video recording:

Magma with Saint Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra


Video from the performance at the Andrey Petrov Composition Competition in the Saint Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall, where Riebe's piece Magma won third prize. The video is made by the Russian filmmaker Leonid Toropov and is streamed from his Youtube channel.


Youtube »

© David Riebe







External links

(some in Swedish)


David Riebe on Svensk Musik (Swedish Music Information Center)»

Performed works by David Riebe registered at the SwedMIC homepage. Buy full scores here.


VIDEO: "Magma" is performed by St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra (Youtube)»

Video from the performance at the Andrey Petrov Composition Competition in the St Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall where Riebe won third prize. The video is made by the russian filmmaker Leonid Toropov.


David Riebe in the Society of Swedish Composers»

Biography and information about Riebe on the website of FST, the Society of Swedish Composers (Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare).


Lund Contemporary (Lund University)»

Since 2016, Riebe is the producer of Lund Contemporary, a festival for contemporary classical music organized by Lund University in collaboration with several regional music institutions.


David Riebe på bronsplats i internationell kompositionstävling - Stim-magasinet #1 2017 (»

Stim (Svenska tonsättares internationella musikbyrå) skriver i sin tidning om Riebes pris i rysk kompositionstävling hösten 2016.


Lund Contemporary lockade storpublik -»

Lunds universitet skriver om publiksuccén Lund Contemporary 2017 som Riebe var huvudproducent för.


Lunds Stadsorkester 2016/17 season brochure, in Swedish (»

Link to the season brochure. Riebe's Time Reflections is performed on Februari 12, 2017, in Lunds stadshall (Lund City Hall).


Lundatonsättare vann pris i Ryssland -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet uppmärksammar Riebes pris i kompositionstävlingen till Andrej Petrovs minne i september 2016.


Tonsättaren nr. 3 2016 (pdf)»

Tidningen Tonsättaren som ges ut av FST (Föreningen svenska tonsättare) uppmärksammar på sidan 16 Riebes pris i kompositionstävlingen till Andrej Petrovs minne i september 2016.


Connect Festival 2015, program folder (pdf)»

Link to the program folder as PDF, on the website of the Malmö Academy of Music. Music by Riebe was performed on November 14, 20 and 22.


Lunds Stadsorkester uruppför musik av lundatonsättare -»

Pressmeddelande om uruppförandet av Riebes Time Reflections på Lunds stadsorkesters jubileumskonsert 4 oktober 2015, med programkommentar till stycket.


Respekt till mångsidig orkester -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet recenserar Lunds stadsorkesters jubileumskonsert 4 oktober 2015, med uruppförandet av Riebes Time Reflections.


Rising stars 2015 - Stim-magasinet #1 2015 (»

Intervjuer med Riebe och fem andra unga tonsättare i Stims (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrås) medlemstidning.


Jubilee season brochure of Lunds stadsorkester, in Swedish (»

Link to the season brochure as PDF. Music by Riebe was performed on October 4, 2015.


David Riebe tog andraplatsen i Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014»

Musikhögskolan i Malmö skriver om Riebes andrapris. Kort intervju med tonsättaren.


Tonsättare prisades -»

Skånska Dagbladet uppmärksammar Riebes andrapris i Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014.


Collaboration with Peter Sheppard Skaerved»

London-based violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved writes on his website about the ongoing collaboration with Riebe (in 2014).


Tog hjälp av Dali för att skapa musik»

Skånska Dagbladet skriver 17/1 2014 om Riebes finalplats i Uppsala Tonsättartävling.


2013 annual report of STIM (»

David Riebe is mentioned in the annual report of the International Bureau of Swedish Composers (STIM), as one of the Swedish composers with most pieces premiered during 2013.


VIDEO: Fredrik Schützer from LIMUS plays "Decay" from "Direction" by David Riebe (Youtube)»

Recording from "Piano marathon" at Palladium in Malmö, Januari 28, 2012. Youtube video.


Nyskrivet från Lund - Lunds universitet»

Riebes konsert tillsammans med Fredrik Schützer och Ivona Grbavac, 17/3 2013, i Lunds universitets kalendarium.


David Riebe on Peter Sheppard Skaerveds website»

The first violinist of the London-based Kreutzer Quartet publish live recordings of Riebe's string quartet "Paradoxes" and the solo piece "A Cat, a Warrior, and a Tortoise" on his website.


Hopp om framtiden -»

Folkbladet skriver om konserten 16 maj 2012, med Norrköpings Symfoniorkester, där bl.a. Riebes "Dimensions II" uruppfördes.


Lunds universitets magasin nr. 5 2010 (pdf)»

Länk till LUM nr. 5 2010 som pdf. Artikel om Riebes Tubakonsert och Akademiska kapellets USA-turné på sidan 14-15.


Spännande dag för ung kompositör -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet skriver om uruppförandet av Riebes konsertuvertyr "The Grail 1492" med Nordiska Ungdomsorkestern 27 juni 2010.