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David Riebe on Svensk Musik (Swedish Music Information Center)»

Performed works by David Riebe registered at the SwedMIC homepage. Buy full scores here.

Listen to Riebe's solo violin music at Peter Sheppard Skaerved's website»

Recording from the concert when Grammy nominated violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved premieres Riebe's Coffee by the Plague Pit, in London in 2019.

David Riebes opus är en mastodontisk urladdning -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladets recensent Matti Edén skriver om Malmö Symfoniorkesters konsert 24 januari 2019 där Riebes orkesterstycke Magma framfördes.


VIDEO: "Magma" is performed by St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra (Youtube)»

Video from the performance at the Andrey Petrov Composition Competition in the St Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall where Riebe won third prize. The video is made by the russian filmmaker Leonid Toropov.


David Riebe in the Society of Swedish Composers»

Biography and information about Riebe on the website of FST, the Society of Swedish Composers (Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare).


Lund Contemporary (Lund University)»

Since 2016, Riebe is the producer of Lund Contemporary, a festival for contemporary classical music organized by Lund University in collaboration with several regional music institutions.


David Riebe på bronsplats i internationell kompositionstävling - Stim-magasinet #1 2017 (»

Stim (Svenska tonsättares internationella musikbyrå) skriver i sin tidning om Riebes pris i rysk kompositionstävling hösten 2016.


Lund Contemporary lockade storpublik -»

Lunds universitet skriver om publiksuccén Lund Contemporary 2017 som Riebe var huvudproducent för.


Lunds Stadsorkester 2016/17 season brochure, in Swedish (»

Link to the season brochure. Riebe's Time Reflections is performed on Februari 12, 2017, in Lunds stadshall (Lund City Hall).


Lundatonsättare vann pris i Ryssland -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet uppmärksammar Riebes pris i kompositionstävlingen till Andrej Petrovs minne i september 2016.


Tonsättaren nr. 3 2016 (pdf)»

Tidningen Tonsättaren som ges ut av FST (Föreningen svenska tonsättare) uppmärksammar på sidan 16 Riebes pris i kompositionstävlingen till Andrej Petrovs minne i september 2016.


Connect Festival 2015, program folder (pdf)»

Link to the program folder as PDF, on the website of the Malmö Academy of Music. Music by Riebe was performed on November 14, 20 and 22.


Lunds Stadsorkester uruppför musik av lundatonsättare -»

Pressmeddelande om uruppförandet av Riebes Time Reflections på Lunds stadsorkesters jubileumskonsert 4 oktober 2015, med programkommentar till stycket.


Respekt till mångsidig orkester -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet recenserar Lunds stadsorkesters jubileumskonsert 4 oktober 2015, med uruppförandet av Riebes Time Reflections.


Rising stars 2015 - Stim-magasinet #1 2015 (»

Intervjuer med Riebe och fem andra unga tonsättare i Stims (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrås) medlemstidning.


Jubilee season brochure of Lunds stadsorkester, in Swedish (»

Link to the season brochure as PDF. Music by Riebe was performed on October 4, 2015.


David Riebe tog andraplatsen i Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014»

Musikhögskolan i Malmö skriver om Riebes andrapris. Kort intervju med tonsättaren.


Tonsättare prisades -»

Skånska Dagbladet uppmärksammar Riebes andrapris i Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014.


Collaboration with Peter Sheppard Skaerved»

London-based violinist Peter Sheppard Skaerved writes on his website about the ongoing collaboration with Riebe (in 2014).


Tog hjälp av Dali för att skapa musik»

Skånska Dagbladet skriver 17/1 2014 om Riebes finalplats i Uppsala Tonsättartävling.

2013 annual report of STIM (»

David Riebe is mentioned in the annual report of the International Bureau of Swedish Composers (STIM), as one of the Swedish composers with most pieces premiered during 2013.


VIDEO: Fredrik Schützer from LIMUS plays "Decay" from "Direction" by David Riebe (Youtube)»

Recording from "Piano marathon" at Palladium in Malmö, Januari 28, 2012. Youtube video.


Nyskrivet från Lund - Lunds universitet»

Riebes konsert tillsammans med Fredrik Schützer och Ivona Grbavac, 17/3 2013, i Lunds universitets kalendarium.


David Riebe on Peter Sheppard Skaerveds website»

The first violinist of the London-based Kreutzer Quartet publish live recordings of Riebe's string quartet "Paradoxes" and the solo piece "A Cat, a Warrior, and a Tortoise" on his website.


Hopp om framtiden -»

Folkbladet skriver om konserten 16 maj 2012, med Norrköpings Symfoniorkester, där bl.a. Riebes Dimensions II uruppfördes.


Lunds universitets magasin nr. 5 2010 (pdf)»

Länk till LUM nr. 5 2010 som pdf. Artikel om Riebes Tubakonsert och Akademiska kapellets USA-turné på sidan 14-15.


Spännande dag för ung kompositör -»

Sydsvenska Dagbladet skriver om uruppförandet av Riebes konsertuvertyr The Grail 1492 med Nordiska Ungdomsorkestern 27 juni 2010.

David Riebe is a composer from Lund, Sweden. He has studied with Luca Francesconi, Rolf Martinsson, Kent Olofsson and Staffan Storm at the Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden and with Michele Tadini and Philippe Hurel at Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon, France. He has a Master's Degree in Composition from the Malmö Academy of Music.

Since 2015 Riebe is a member of FST, Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare (The Society of Swedish Composers).

Prizes in composition competitions 

On September 20, 2016, Riebe won Third Prize at the Andrey Petrov Composition Competition (picture) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with the orchestral piece Magma from 2015. The six selected finalist compositions were performed by St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra with conductor Arkady Steinlucht during a concert in St. Petersburg Grand Philharmonic Hall. A video recording made by Leonid Toropov is available on Youtube.

With his sinfonietta piece Geopoliticus Child, inspired by a Salvador Dalí painting, Riebe won the second prize at Uppsala Tonsättartävling (Uppsala Composition Competition) in March 2014.

Performance with Malmö Symphony Orchestra


On January 24, 2019, Malmö Symphony Orchestra (MSO) performed David Riebe's piece Magma from 2015. Conductor was Ruth Reinhardt. More information at the MSO website.

Lund Contemporary – festival for new music 

Since 2016, Riebe is Artistic Director and Producer of Lund Contemporary, a festival for contemporary music in Lund, with Lund University as main organizer. The festival has taken place twice; first in 2017 and then in 2019. A new edition is planned for February 2021. Read more on the Lund Contemporary homepage.

The 2017 and the 2019 festivals were both considered big audience successes, with about 1600 visits in total in 2017 and 1350 in 2019.

Riebe's music included in presentation day for new Swedish orchestral music

Riebe’s piece The Child and the Birth of the New Man has been selected to be performed by Västerås Sinfonietta at the Presentation Day for New Swedish Orchestral Music organized by the Society of Swedish Composers in November 2020. Music by Riebe has previously been performed at the 2017 Presentation Day (picture).

Grants and scholarships

Riebe has received the working grant of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2016 and 2020, the STIM Grant (STIM-stipendium) and the composition scholarship of the Annik and Lars Leander foundation in 2015, the local scholarship of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 2014 and the Culture Grant of the city of Lund in 2012.


Riebe is currently working on a piano concerto for his long-time collaboration partner, pianist Fredrik Schützer. The concerto is partly financed by the Grand Piano Grant (Stora Pianostipendiet) of the Malmö Academy of Music.

He has also an ongoing collaboration with Grammy nominated British violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved.

During his study years, Riebe composed music for the BBC Singers, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Jönköping Sinfonietta, Swedish Wind Ensemble, Trio Poing (Norway), New European Ensemble (the Netherlands), Ensemble Nordlys (Denmark) and the London-based Kreutzer Quartet.

He has also had a long collaboration with the Nordic Youth Orchestra in Lund which premiered his music in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In 2010, the Lund University Academic Orchestra performed Riebe's Tuba Concerto in the United States as part of the orchestra's tour there. This included a concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Riebe has worked with conductors such as Stefan Solyom, Mika Eichenholz, Paul Mägi, Michael Bartosch, Ruth Reinhardt, Leif Karlsson, Arkady Steinlucht, Christian Karlsen, Andreas Lönnqvist, Christoffer Nobin and Patrik Andersson. Outside Sweden, his music has been performed in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Norway, Denmark, and Turkey.

Welcome to David Riebe's official homepage!

© David Riebe

Premiere in London

On September 19, 2019, Grammy nominated British violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved premiered Riebe's new solo violin composition Coffee by the Plague Pit, inspired by a painting made by Sheppard Skærved himself (see picture below). The painting shows a few people at Charterhouse Square in London, a place which was the site of the largest plague pit in the city during the Black Death. The concert took place at the chapel of The Charterhouse, just next to the square.

Plague Pit No More: Conversation and Coffee in the Sunshine by Peter Sheppard Skærved. Courtesy of the artist.